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Hell on Earth

Do we really need a hell? Isn't Earth enough? This world seems set up solely to maximize the suffering of its inhabitants. I see the evil that people work. I see the evil that I have worked. Everyone is guilty. People are not moral creatures. They never were. Sometimes we pretend. We like to think that we our good outweighs are evil. Claim to have some sort of "moral foundation". But moral foundations just become a justifications for other evil works.

Humans aren't the only players here, Nature is a extremely evil bitch on her own. The wild is not some sort of paradise. Most of the animals in the forest have been completely traumatised and terrified. Horrible things routinely happen to everyone in the wild. Life is short, swift, painful, and brutal. Suffering comes to all.

Is there a point to this? Is there a reason or a point to this world, to this existence. If there is somewhere such a reason, it had better be a pretty damn good one. Any entity or entities that caused this to be have some serious explaining to do.

Sure good things happen now and again, but they only serve to get hopes up so it will be that much more devastated when everything comes crashing down. The best thing that could happen for Earth would be it's destruction. An large enough asteroid to obliterate all life would nice. Maybe we can just nuke the hell out of ourselves. Will the end come anytime soon? Will Kevorkian save our souls? I do not know, but I can hope.
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