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Before I lay me down to sleep...

This is something I wrote in my notebook a few days ago. It just kind of poured onto the paper seemingly while I wasn't even paying attention.

"Welcome, welcome," said the Black Widow to the fly. "How kind of you to visit."

"I really mustn't stay," said the fly to the Black Widow as it stepped into her web. "I've merely lost my way."

"We all lose our way in life at one time or another," the Black Widow replied as she placed a leg upon the fly to draw it further in. "But if we focus our minds and our hearts, we find our path once again." She drew the fly into her web a bit further. "But there are many temptations and distractions and evils lurking about. Don't you know this, little fly?"

The fly looked perplexed. It gazed up at the Black Widow, who now had four legs wrapped around it, and shook its head. "I'm not quite sure I know what you mean. Please, do be kind enough to explain. But quickly, for I fear I must be on my way."

"Why of course!" the Black Widow smiled. "I certainly wouldn't want to keep you from your destiny, little fly. I shall explain quickly.
"We can all be tempted by a pretty face and form or by wordly riches, you see. We can be distracted by inane activities meant to dull our hearts and minds and senses. And as for the evils, my dear little fly..." The Black Widow paused. They were deep into her web now. Six of her legs held tightly to the little fly; the little fly who looked up at her with such innocence and such trust.

"What about the evils?" asked the fly in a whisper.

"There exist heartless creatures that would prey upong your innocence, little fly. Creatures that will lull you with sweet words and make you believe they are a friend."

"Oh! How awful!" cried the fly as the Black Widow smoothly hung it upon the wall of her web.

"How awful indeed," the Black Widow murmured.

" will I avoid these things and find my way once more after I have left you?" the fly asked the Black Widow.

The Black Widow smiled coldly as she injected the unsuspecting fly with her venom. She got very close to its face. "Some of us lose our way and never find it again. We are forever lost and then we are caught in a web from which we cannot escape because of one moment of indecision or one wrong decision made. Good-night, sweet little trusting fly. My, but you are a fool to have trusted me."
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