Xen: Mad Genius Extraordinaire (xenotheum) wrote in mental_nudists,
Xen: Mad Genius Extraordinaire

I have not abandoned you

My lungs are full of stones
And no matter which way I move
They stay in place.
Watch my lips turn to plastic
As I run a race with time
On crippled legs
Crippled with fear.
In my mind's eye
Dwells a spark of kindness
Sour, larval kisses
From you, who is not really here with me.
Whether I can help it or not
Such things make me "pathetic" and "childish"
So just let me go.
I'll never revivify anyway.
Save me like an amputation [minus anesthetics]
As if a gentle touch would send us all to Hell.
I've lost the race
And now I'm sleeping in a landscape
Of only white and silver.
It's pretty like a rebellion
Against you.
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