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Go as yourself.

Life is an art form.

Mental Nudists
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Do you consider yourself a free-spirit?

Do you live from the inside?

Do you see living as a form of art?

Do you think emotions and thoughts make better badges than they do undergarments?

Then, this is the place for you! Welcome to mental_nudists, a community about being yourself without filtering yourself to make others happy.

Why the name?: There are colonies for people to hang out and be totally naked, as an expression of freedom of body. A mental nudist is someone who sheds all masks and shows off their true self to the whole world.

So, basically, if you are a liberated, free-spirited person, this is probably the place for you. Artistic inclinations are a HUGE plus, but not imperative.

Rules are pretty simple. No personal attacks, no immaturity.

I am your moderator, xenotheum.