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The Blue Mountain Center of Meditation - Learn to meditate

Meditation is at the center of the program, supported by seven disciplines that will help you to deepen your meditation and transform your life. The teachings will help you sharpen concentration, deal effectively with stress, release deep reserves of energy, transform anger, and learn to love more fully than you had thought possible. As a result you can discover your unique contribution to life.

The full Eight Point Program is:

1. Meditation (
Silent repetition in the mind of memorized inspirational passages from the world’s great religions. Practiced for one-half hour each morning.

2. The Mantram (
Silent repetition in the mind of a Holy Name or a hallowed phrase from one of the world’s great religions. Practiced whenever possible throughout the day or night.

3. Slowing Down (
Setting priorities and reducing the stress and friction caused by hurry.

4. One-Pointed Attention (
Giving full concentration to the matter at hand.

5. Training the Senses (
Overcoming conditioned habits and learning to enjoy what is beneficial.

6. Putting Others First (
Gaining freedom from selfishness and separateness; finding joy in helping others.

7. Spiritual Companionship (
Spending time regularly with others following the Eight Point Program for mutual inspiration and support.

8. Reading the Mystics (
Drawing inspiration from writings by and about the world’s great spiritual figures and from the scriptures of all religions.

Naturally, certain disciplines will be easier for you than others. Give your best to each; that is all that is expected. Mahatma Gandhi suffered many setbacks in the campaign to free India, but he was never despondent. He often said, “Full effort is full victory.” Maintaining your enthusiasm, being regular and systematic in your practice – these really count.

This site is here to help you with your meditation as you practice the Eight Point Program. Go deeper and you will find selected teachings, spiritual passages, and related resources such as books, videotapes, and audiotapes on each of the disciplines.

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